Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Friday, January 27, 2012

Binding The Harry Potter Quilt

What better way to spend a rainy morning, than underneath a quilt on which  you are in the process of handstitching down the binding? OK, I admit, you can probably think of several better things, but overall it was quite nice.  Got the quilt finished up, and it's into the washer to remove stray rabbit hairs. (Don't tell Weasley). For a quilt made of leftovers from the stash, it's pretty darn cheery. And that suits it's purpose.

I enjoy stitching down the backside of the bindings by hand, so I rarely do that part by machine. It's generally the last time I spend really communing with each quilt. I attach the front part of the binding by machine. Generally that goes pretty well, until I get to the end, where I have to join the beginning and ending parts of the binding. Over the years, I've probably tried every method out there for this. Some have worked better for me than others. Last year I found a method that I thought I would probably stick with. Then, last week, we had tool night at the Quilt Guild meeting. 

Now, I'm not a gadget person, but I found this little binding ruler very interesting. It takes all the measuring out of the process of joining binding ends. The demonstrator made it look easy, and as you can see, there are instructions right on the tool. I plunked down my money, and brought it home. If you can't read it on the ruler, its called The Binding Tool, by TQM Products. 

I tried it for the first time on this quilt, and I LOVE it! Definitely using this technique from now on. OK, true admission here. At first, I couldn't make it work. Despite having seen it demonstrated, and reading the instructions that are right on it, I was off by several inches. So, I went searching the 'net, and found this video.

Apparently my error is quite common, I was just working in the wrong direction from the line. Easily remedied, and a perfect binding followed.Yup, this one's a keeper.


If you are wondering about what's up with Weasley's wish for wheeels (and a motor), it looks like his friend Mickey has gotten right on the project. Check it out here.
This looks like trouble!


Crafty Green Poet said...

Lovely bright quilting! I know what you mean about snuggling under a quilt while you sew it, I've done that myself (though it was a blanket made from knitted squares and a lot less impressive than the quilts you make!).

I think Weasley and Mickey will have great fun together!

bunnits said...

You inspire me to get out the UFO's I have packed away. I'm also itching to start new tops. I must use extreme self-control.

Jade said...

It's a wonderful feeling when you finally find something that will help you get a project done properly, whether it's a tool or a technique.

("looks like trouble"? It's boys on an adventure, it's guaranteed trouble. ;) )

Lisa said...

What a wonderful quilt! I know too many people who would fight for such a quilt.

Michelle May said...

The binding is my favorite part of quilting. Of course, then I have to take a nap under the quilt for good luck! ;)

Michele Matucheski said...

Thanks for bringing our attention to the Binding Tool. I've been quilting for 8 years now, and I still get stymied at that very point in the binding process. I'll have to pick one up!