Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Weasley On Wednesday

Hi, everybun! I had the day off from work today, 'cause Mom said that she didn't need my help sewing the quilt ( you might remember that from yesterday).I decided to spend some time napping. Mom cut down my forest, which makes me sad, but at least I can get at this warm metal thing more easily. My toes love it! And as you can see, Mom did save me some branches.

After my nap, I had a little snack. Mom thinks it's weird that I like broccoli better than strawberries. I think it's weird that she prefers the strawberries, so I guess we are even.

After my nap, I decided to help Mom with her sewing, even though she said she didn't need help. I went over to where she was sitting, and sat on top of her foot, so she could do a better job of pressing down this thing called a foot pedal.  Without me, she wouldn't have been able to sew as quickly. I don't know how Beans without Bunnies manage to do this at all. Mom's lucky to have me, don't you think? She probably should give me some banana for working on my day off.


SixBunnies said...

Weasley, anybody would be so lucky to have a bun like you to help them out! I could use a little help over here, holding my foot down! It tends to fly up sometimes!

bunnits said...

Weasley, your mom is very lucky to have you. I know you are a great help to her when she sews. And your opinions on colors and helping to pin the fabric out on the carpet are really helpful. You deserve broccoli treats and a pleasant nap with your toes against that warm metal thing.

Jade said...

You are such a great helper, Weasley! Mick and I both think you deserve extra treats for all your hard work.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Oh Weasley your Mum is very lucky indeed!

Michelle May said...

Weasley you are such a wonderful helper you precious boy you!

Lisa said...

We love broccoli!!! Strawberries are OK. You are such a good boy to help your Mom :)