Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Your Right, It's Not Wednesday

Just think of this as bonus Weasley.

Yesterday I pieced together a backing for the Harry Potter quilt. Since most of my quilts have been small applique projects, when I have purchased fabric over the years, I have mostly bought small pieces. If I am going to make a back for anything crib-size or larger from my stash, I need to piece it. This is the back.

Next step, put the layers together. I usually do this on the floor of Weasley's hangout room, otherwise known as the computer room.  First I lay down the backing, wrong side up, and secure it to the carpet with t-pins. Then I smooth the batting on top. Here's The Old Man, checking to see if there are any wrinkles.

Once Weasley gave me the go-ahead, I spread the quilt top over the batting, and basted the layers together with safety pins. T.his will hold the layers together for machine quilting in my old home sewing machine. No fancy long-arm machine here, unfortunately. Of course, the quilting can't start until Weasley OKs the basting.

Now, its off to the sewing machine. I have to do that part without Weasley's assistance. And if you are wondering, yes, my quilts get washed before heading off to new homes. Wouldn't want to trigger anyone's allergies.

See you tomorrow, with more Weasley.


Jade said...

One can never have enough Weasley. :)

I know some people who would be highly offended that the quilts do not come with Weasley on them, so to speak. Friends of mine (husband and wife) bought their first house recently, and I offered to make them an afghan as a housewarming gift. The offer was accepted, but I was also told that I needed to make sure there was some Mickey fur included, as a proper blanket always has to have some pet fur on it. (I told them I would include it in a small bag on the side, so they could add as much as they liked.) :)

Crafty Green Poet said...

How sweet that Weasley helps!

bunnits said...

No wonder your quilts are so lovely, you have a delightful assistant. The colors are lovely.

Glad so hear someone else pins fabric to the carpet. ;-)

Lisa said...

I can't imagine utilizing the floor for any project while a bunny is around :)

Michelle May said...

Yes indeed, it's not a proper quilt without bunny fur on it!