Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Wish This Thing Had Wheels

I love hanging out in my litterbox, but man, I wish this thing had wheels! And a motor, too! Wouldn't that be cool?

 If I had wheels, I'd head west, and pick up Mickey, and then we'd stop for the Biffster. Maybe Sogna would pack some broccoli and bananas for us to take along. Then, we could head out to the Super Bowl.

What's that, Mom?
Oh. Mom says I'm being a chauvinist. I'm not sure what that is. I think maybe it means that I get to drive. And our Mom's have to pack the snack, not Sogna. Whatever.

Anyway, once we get to the Super Bowl, which I'm sure is filled with carrots, I know we can get seats on the 50 yard line. They'll have to give us the tickets, 'cause they  won't be able to resist our  cuteness. And if they try, well, that's where Mickey comes in. He's tough, like The Rock. He'll make sure we get the proper respect.

Yup. That's my plan. Anybody know where I can get some wheels? And a motor?.


Jade said...

Mickey here (had to borrow Mum's ID to post--stupid Blogger)--
I am totally up for this trip! I even know where we can get wheels and a motor...just have to make sure The Boy is asleep before I ste--um, borrow them. We'll be on the road in no time. I'll have Mum pack us some kale, banana chips and carrotinis.

(Oh, and btw--I'm a Pats fan like my mum, it's the Ravens and Giants I disapprove of, 'cause they're The Boy's and The Big Guy's teams.)

Crafty Green Poet said...

That would be a great road trip!

Michelle May said...

Oh that is such a great story and drawing! Too fun!

SixBunnies said...

There can't be anything more wonderful than the thought of those crazy boys in a motorized litterbox on a great adventure! ... with Weasley driving! Woowhoooo!

bunnits said...

Cute, cute, cute!

Lisa said...

"Oh man, I am so down. Any time you want to go cruising, dude, just let me know. Are you guys old enough to buy carrot brews? Because everyone's going to want in on our tailgate party. We can play cornhole with willow balls, or just chew the cornhole board AND the willow balls. I'll have my mom pack some of the oxbow cookies and rose hips that she's hiding until my birthday, and I'll tell Jon to go to the store and get some apples and bananas. Sogna can't be trusted to pack, she'll eat all the treats like there's no tomorrow. But if you guys want to stop by the apartment when you come to pick me up, she'll lick your eyes real good and bury her face in your side while you're trying to clean your face. If you're interested." -the Biffster.

Karen M said...

Biff, Mick's going to let me know as soon as he gets his paws on the wheels and motor. Mom can get us some apple sticks and more bananas (you can never have enough bananas). She says I might be too old for the brews. I don't think there is any such thing. And, she wonders if offering to share Sogna's ,umm, favors, is quite proper? Do you know what she means by that? It sounds good to me.Sogna's pretty hot. But then I guess we all are.

Oh, and apologies to Mickey and Jade. We made a bad assumption about where their loyalties lie. But that's OK, I'm fluent in Giants and Patriots, and I even speak some "Stiller" if need be. Roethlesberger, Polamalu, Hines Ward. See? This is gonna be great!


Lisa said...

Biff says, "You human people are too possessive of your mates, and you all needs to get your minds out of the gutter! Even if my mom and dad always refer to it as "making out,"eye licking is an age-old bun pastime enjoyed by all rabbits young and old, at all times, and with as many different rabbits as possible. I didn't invite you to mount her, for El-ahrairah's sake!"