Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Like Most Rabbits

I'm really good at making rabbit ear shadows, and I don't have to use my hands to do it. I'm so good, I can even do impressions. For example, this is my impression of Harrington.

Do you see it? Isn't it good?

If I weren't so tired after our recent adventures, I'd show you my impression of Biff, too. Full lops are hard, though, and I need a nap first.

When Mom took these shadow pictures, I was sticking close, 'cause she was listening to a horror program on NPR. It was about how Burmese Pythons are taking over the Florida Everglades, and eating all the small mammals, and some large ones too, like adult deer.  That's pretty terrifying. Can you imagine the Everglades (or anywhere else, for that matter) with no rabbits? Darn Slytherins!

On a happier note, my oldest (emphasis on oldest) Sister is having a Birthday today. She is 24 years old. People call me old, and I'm only 9 years old. She is ancient! Mom and I got her this cake thing. It's pretty ugly, it's not made of carrot, and she wouldn't let me set it on fire.

But boy, it tastes good. This last picture is blurry, 'cause Mom was grabbing me to keep me from eating too much. Hah! I can still move faster than her when I want to!

So that's it for today, except, if you were wondering, that's Mom's UFO in progress that I'm sitting on. She's been alternating between working on it, and saying "interesting" words. You know the ones I mean. Have a great day, every bun. And to you , Sister,
Happy Birthday!


Jade said...

You are one talented bun, Weasley!

Tell your mom I feel her pain; projects can bring out some "interesting" words in me, too.

Happy Birthday to your sister!

bunnits said...

I'm with Jade, Weasley. You are certainly talented. Watch that cake, though; not so good for the waistline.

Haha, I can just hear those "interesting" words...have a few of them in my vocabulary. A friend of mine calls them "sewing words."

You rest up from your adventure.

Michelle May said...

Harrington was truly impressed! LOL!
Happy birthday to sister! Her cake will taste delicious covered in bunny kisses. Such a sweet boy you are!
Love mom's UFO and still laughing over the interesting words. ;)

Crafty Green Poet said...

Brilliant impersonation, Weasley!

Happy birthday to your sister! That looks like a very tasty cake!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday sister! Nice that she was able to come home :)

SixBunnies said...

Great cake! I'm glad Weasley got to share it! My daughter turned 20 on the 8th, too! Happy Birthday to our big girls! They grow up so quickly!