Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Leaving Bunnyville, Reluctantly

Hi, everybun! Well, we are on the road again. We were thinking maybe we would just stay in Bunnyville (it's pretty cushy there), but then we decided we needed to finish this adventure. Shell wasn't too happy with Biff. He kept getting tangled up in the Valdani floss. And Harrington wasn't too happy with me getting cozy with Hannah. Actually, Sogna wasn't too happy with that, either. I don't get it.

It's fun having Harrington along, but I'm a little worried about him. He keeps saying the Panthers are going to win the Big Game.... But, he did hook us up with some Carrot Shine! Yum!

Anyway, we have departed from North Carolina, and are headed North. It would be a faster trip if Mickey would show me how to work the Turbo. He keeps saying I shouldn't outdrive the distance ahead that I can see, and snickering. He's forgetting about my awesome sense of smell, I guess.

You can see that Mickey has gotten himself some goggles like mine. He used this flat plastic thing to get them. It's the same thing he puts in the pump when we fill this baby up with fuel, and it works at the grocery store, too. He got it from The Boy. I need to get one of those (flat plastic things, that is, not a boy).

Next time you see us, we should be in Indianapolis, I hope. Hey, Mick! About that Turbo....

OOOPS! I almost forgot to mention. The Does decided to stay with shell. Shell and Hannah are going to help Sogna dye her nose to look likes Hannah's. Does are weird!


Crafty Green Poet said...

Does' beauty session - so sweet!

Jade said...

Good thing we did leave them behind--they kept eating all the kale!

Don't think I don't know you've been trying to sniff out the turbo button, my friend. That bad boy is mine!


Michelle May said...

Yes indeed, it was a major party here in Bunnyville. I do say that they all drank a lot of carrot shine. Good thing they are all "fixed." hee,hee,hee. Hannah is happy to have some girlfriend time.

I'm totally laughing hard over Harrington's ear in this picture! Karen this is just way too fun!

Lisa said...

HAH! Harrington's ear!!! Sogna is a dainty girl, she has spent a lot of time out in the cold in her "past" life, and I am sure she is thrilled to stay with her Auntie Shell and girlfriend Hannah and tear up some felt and chew some valdiani floss ;)