Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Brutal Ways of Feeding in the Wild (or why I just got another vet bill)

Let me start by saying that these two have unlimited hay all the time, and greens throughout the day, so nobody is starving. Even so, things get a little crazy when it's time for the Bunny Basics T. Weasley usually gets his head in the blue bowl first, because Ginny has to circle it several times.

Then there is a bunch of head shoving, because Weasley does not pick his head up out of the dish when chewing. (I'll refrain from any sexist remarks here.) Eventually, Ginny gets her head in the dish.

Then more head shoving, and Weasley is back at it.

Then Ginny, again.

Eventually, Ginny gets tired of this, and swats Weasley across the face. He then goes to the other dish, just inside their crate, a whole 2 feet away, and starts to eat that food!

Then they alternate from dish to dish, as if there were something better in one of them. They empty the blue bowl first, and then finish up at the cage bowl, which usually looks like this.

Ginny will sit outside the cage, and stretch herself out to reach inside. I have no idea why, especially since she then goes in the crate to drink from the bottle, rather than drink from the nearby water dish.

Now, about the vet bill. Yesterday I noticed a funny looking spot on Ginny's muzzle, just under her nose. Looking closer, I saw that it was infected, and looked like a bite mark. Today we visited the vet, who found a corresponding lower tooth mark on the bottom edge of her lip, also infected. Apparently during one of these feeding tussles, Weasley got carnivorous (cannibalistic, even!). Maybe he's related to Bunnicula?

So anyway, now Ginny is on antibiotics, and Weasley thinks he is missing out on a treat that she is getting. What peaceful little creatures these balls of fluff are, hmmm?


Lisa said...

Hmmmm. Sounds like you need some wider bowls. I've stopped using about half of my bunnies bowls because when they can't both fit their faces in there at the same time, it spells trouble.

Bunny Basics T is a dangerous thing.

FrecklesandDeb said...

Your bunnies are beautiful. Sorry to hear about the bite marks (and the vet bill). We'll be back to see how you all are doing!

Michelle May said...

Razzy and Sugie do the same thing although they have never bitten each other (yet). Always something with buns isn't it? Bunnicula was my most favorite book as a kid. I still have it. My first rabbit was a little black bunny named Bunnicula. Too funny.
Hope they are doing better now. Sorry I haven't been here in a week. Time gets away from me!!!