Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Storm Clouds

This morning before it got too hot, we harvested peas and raspberries. Every year I think I will freeze some strawberries and peas, but they always get eaten before that can happen.  In fact, the peas have been known to disappear before they are cooked! The strawberries are in a lull now, but the raspberries.... We have had pie, jam, pancakes, hands full of berries popped in the mouth. For these, I'm thinking some of them might go into scones, along with almonds and white chocolate. I'll have to look up or make up a recipe.

Soon after we picked these, the temperature hit 90°F. But a little while ago, we had some clouds roll in. 


Can you see the neighbors ornamental grass blowing sideways? The rain was coming sideways in sheets, also.There was thunder, but not too close. There were waves in the swimming pool.

It lasted all of 5 minutes, definitely less than ten. As quickly as it blew in, the sun poked back through the clouds. There is some blue sky showing in this picture.

When it was all done. the temperature had dropped from 90°F to 76°F. Much better weather for napping!

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Lisa said...

Ahhhh!!! It's a double headed monster!!!