Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Apologies To Elizabeth Warren

Today's piece of artwork took an unexpected direction. I started with strips of paper from the index of an old atlas, and then added the blue rectangle, and splashed on some paint. The rectangle already had some doodling on it, and I extended the bottom half into a bouquet, and added color. The top half made me think owl, so that goofy little guy made his way in. Don't you just want to squeeze him?

From there, I started thinking about tarot cards (i am constantly amazed by the art work on them), and sketched the wine glass/ace of cups.

There was still a lot of blank space. My husband had left the newspaper open on the opposite side of the table, and my gaze fell on a photo of Elizabeth Warren, our new Senator. I decided to draw her in. And that's where the apology comes in. I'm sorry, Elizabeth, that I messed with your face. I did my best, but I am certainly no portrait artist. Would you have known it was her if I hadn't told you? Probably not.  Oh, well. You don't learn if you don't try, right?

Ms. Warren is our first female Senator from Massachusetts. Considering how liberal we are supposed to be here, I find that utterly amazing. Better late than never, hmm?

***Thank you for all the encouraging comments that you have been leaving for me lately. I know that I'm behind on answering them. My husband brought a wonderful bunch of cold germs home, and my head has felt like it wants to explode for the last three days. I promise to catch up as soon as I start to feel better. A lot of people around here are coughing. Seems pretty early in the season for this to be starting. I hope everyone reading this is feeling well.***


J Bamman the southern sunshine girl said...

I love how you let everything around you influence the piece of art. Excited about all the women in the Senate this year!

bunnits said...

I really like this. Keep up the neat work.

Take care and get well. I ended up with a bad case of bronchitis and everyone else in the family had variations on a similar theme. It took us each about a month to get over it from the onset, which was October 10 for me and I'm just now really over it.

speedyrabbit said...

Awww Auntie karen,sorry you're not feeling well,me neither my stupid eye is miss behaving again*sign*Any way mummy showed me the piece that you did with me and the one with Weasley,I really liked them,and I'll be the end of your rainbow any time...hehehe...snuggles from me,love you Auntie Karen,xx Speedy

Yvonne Osborne said...

It's actually a pretty good portrait. Congratulations on your first female senator. We were all rooting for her.

Jade said...

Somehow I don't thin Ms. Warren would mind, especially if she's paired with an adorable owl.

Still giggling at you and your brothers in the wheelbarrow--and the thought of your poor dad being asked to wheel you around now. :D