Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I've Always Wanted To Go To Florence

Really, I have. For some reason, I have kind of a "thing" for the Medicis. No idea why. Maybe just because I like how their name sounds....

So that's why today's collage started with an extremely vague sketch of the Florence skyline. I pulled up a bunch of images on Google to be able to do that. Don't you love the Internet?

I added some light color, that woman, and a window from a building in Florence. Some more paint, a little pastel, and it was done.

Then, I played around again in Photoshop Elements. This time I fiddled a bit with the Hue and Saturation adjustments. This next version has no change in hue, just a large increase in saturation.

Next, I went in the opposite direction, decreasing the saturation to the point where the image is almost black and white.

This next image has no change in saturation, just a change in hue.Weird looking sky, isn't it?Stormy, or something. Maybe a different planet.

I won't show you all the different versions that I made. That would be a very long post. I tried many different combinations of hue and saturation changes. I also made lighting changes, which changed the mood to light and airy, or dark and eerie, depending on the setting. It's hard to stop playing once you start!

Thanks to everyone who made suggestions about my paper wrinkling issues. I printed the window out on cardstock (acid-free), and it was much easier to glue down.

And now, back to watching election returns....


bunnits said...

I love to look at collages. The variations possible through PhotoShop make them even more fun.

I'm glad to hear your paper problems are improving.

J Bamman the southern sunshine girl said...

I love the bright one!

brandi said...

Oh this one is very nice. Glad the cardstock worked out for you. Heavier paper is good for lots of glue, glitter, paint and such.