Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Playing With Friends

Recently, I’ve been given several awards by my blogging friends.  Speedy and Rachel presented me with the Family of Bloggers Award,
which wants you to pass the award to close blogging friends, and also the Seven Things about Me Award. With this one, I am supposed to tell you seven things about me that you didn’t already know, and then pass it on to seven friends.
Jade and Mickey passed the One Sweet Blog Award to me, which has some questions to be answered, and then is supposed to be passed on, also.

I thought I would keep things going along the weird vein that they have been lately, so here goes.
Seven things about me, Minerva Aphrodite, and about this Karen person who types for me:

1.     I spent 12 years on a dusty shelf. Can you imagine what that feels like? Makes me sneeze just thinking about it.  Karen has lived longer in Massachusetts than in New York, but she still feels like a New Yorker, the Upstate Kind. I don’t know what that means, because I don’t get off this shelf much.

2.     Karen says she was an Engineer for a short time before the Oldest was born. Can’t prove it by me. I am a genetically engineered monstrosity   NOT funny, Karen. As I was saying, I am a painstakingly created, and gorgeous Diva, part rabbit (the best part), part chinchilla, part pony. . It goes like this:

a.      Domain Eukorya

b.     Kingdom Animalia

c.     Phylum Chordata

d.     Class Mammalia, sub-class Plasticae

e.      Order Lagodentia

f.       Family Leporchillidae

g.     Genus Oryctoquus

h.     Species Cabcunichilla

3.     Karen sleeps in a bed, and snores really loud. I sleep on the shelf, in the bunny crate, or wherever I get put down. And I don’t get fluffy towels like the rabbits did, only this old hankie.

4.     Speedy loves Peanuts. I think they are highly over-rated. Especially Lucy and Peppermint Patty. Karen prefers Zits. I think that’s gross!

5.     Speedy doesn’t like cold weather. Karen doesn’t like hot weather. I was made for cold, what with this body shape and fur, even if most of the fur is plastic.

6.     I can flutter my lashes, but I can’t blink. Karen’s eyes don’t work much better than mine, but they do shut. I’m a little jealous of that, but don’t tell her.

7.     Karen has a big scar on her wrist, from dropping a frosting bowl that her Grandma gave her to lick when she was little. I have a copyright   tattoo on my, umm…underside.

Well, that’s seven. One thing that you know for sure now is that Karen is crazy. I, of course, am not. 

Now, for the One Sweet Blog Award.

1.     Cookies or cake? Whatever I can get my plastic, little paws on. Karen likes homemade chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, and The Cake. And brownies. Warm brownies, with vanilla ice cream. And chocolate sauce………Umm, where were we? Right, OK

2.     Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate for both of us. Since I’m genetically engineered, I can have chocolate. Eat your hearts out, bunnies!

3.     Favorite sweet treat? Ice cream, preferably Cherry Moosetracks, from Cherry Hill Ice Cream stand, around the corner for Karen.  I’ll take whatever I can find when I get in here, which is not much right now. Somebody had  better go shopping soon.
4.     When do you crave sweet things? Pretty much always, for both of us.

5.     If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be? Karen says mine would be Fuzzy Dustball, or Silly, Useless Piece of Plastic Junk. I don’t think that’s very nice, and it’s certainly not sweet. I think Minnie would be good, even though I’m not a mouse. And Karen can be Giant Human Pain in My Bu----

OK, that’s enough of that! Minnie has been put in the corner for time out. Apparently genetic engineering doesn’t guarantee good behavior. Thanks to Speedy, Mickey, Rachel and Jade for thinking of me with these awards. It’s been fun.

Now this is the hard part. We are supposed to pass the award onto other people. But, most of the people we know have already had them. So, if you are interested in playing along, let me know, and I’ll pass the honors on to you.




speedyrabbit said...

Hehehehe,Auntie Karen you and Minnie are funny,xxx Speedy

brandi said...

HAHAHA. I have a Minnie, too, but she is a big fat lop bunny! Did I mention she is fat? Portly? Porky? This post cracked me up.