Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Friday, November 2, 2012

Speedy Inspiraton

I was thinking today about the funk I've been in lately. It's time that I started pushing negative thoughts aside, and begin replacing them with positive thoughts. This may take a lot of practice. Then I thought, "who is the most positive person I know?"

Instantly, an image of Speedy popped into my mind. OK, I know he's not a human person, but we all know that lagomorphs are the superior species, so.... And really, he's such a positive little big guy, that he's almost risking his Rabbit ID card. (Not to worry, though. Mr. Mick disapproves enough for two!)

That is why Speedy made it into today's collage. I hope his Mom isn't upset that I stole borrowed his picture from his blog. Don't you just want to beep that nose?

I think maybe every rainbow should have a Speedy at the end of it!


speedyrabbit said...

Its beautiful,and we are both honoured,and we both know how much Speedy loves his Aunt Karen.Speedy is at the end of my rainbow too!I shall have to have a copy of this for him,xx Rachel and Speedy

speedyrabbit said...

Oh I almost forgot Speedy has given you an award too!xx