Quilt Testers In Action

Quilt Testers In Action


Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Flash Fiction, With My Girls

Two weeks ago, I posted my first Friday Flash Fiction 55.  Last week, my Oldest Daughter wanted to join in, so I posted hers too. This week, the Oldest and I each have finished one (see below), and the Younger One is working hard on another. This stuff is contagious!


From the Oldest, "Thanksgiving Lunch".

Slap, a plastic tray hit the table. She looked up from her homemade salad.
          “There’s no gravy,” Fiona frowned. The stuffing looked archaic, the cranberry sauce anemic. 
          “Early Thanksgiving, Doctor?”  She asked.
          “On-call all day tomorrow.”
          “I’m teaching a stroke patient to make pie one-handed this afternoon. Save you a piece?”
          “Sounds good.”
And now mine,  "Thanksgiving".
Twenty six years of holiday dinners. His mother’s voice droned, “What I know is blah, blah, my opinion blah, blah….”  His father expounded scientific theory inaudibly.  His mother proclaimed, “I need more wine,” Both men ignored her. Eleanor upended the bottle over the woman’s head drenching her heavy make-up. Dropping the bottle, she walked out.
Find links to more  Friday Flash Fiction  here, courtesy of the G-man.



G-Man said...

A double dose of Flash Fiction eh?
The first one was very modern yet whisical.
I Loved the Thanksgiving 55
The second one is actually more my speed. Dysfunctional flare ups always is great material for a story.
Loved the drunken 55
You Gals ROCK!!!
Thank You both for playing, if you post earlier more people will visit you and read...:-)
Have a Kick Ass Week-End

brandi said...

I definitely like family dysfunction. It may take me a whole year to perfectly express in 55 words what goes on at our family holiday functions. I can tell you that this will probably be the first year I don't chug a bottle of tequila and puke all over the place, crying like a baby and bitching about why I hate Christmas and letting all my in-laws know how I REALLY feel about them. Oh the memories. I think I got a handle on the crap this year.

speedyrabbit said...

hehehe I liked both,to different ends of the spectrum,Brandi if you feel the pressure of it all just let me know and you can have a chat with me and Speedy...bunny butt always lightens then mood..hehehe,xx Rachel

Anonymous said...

Brava - enjoyed both! Look forward to more.

Brian Miller said...

ha. nice...the first one...i like those kinda humbling moments reminding us we dont have it so bad...

d. moll, l.ac. said...

flash those 55s

Jade said...

The family that Flashes together...hopefully has someone to post bail later on, or something like that. ;)

Heehee, love the mini-fictions! I would love to try that sometime--assuming I can get my lazy bee-hind to posting. :)