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Quilt Testers In Action


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

From The Ashes

It was an interesting Thanksgiving Weekend. You probably caught the drift of what Thanksgiving itself was like from my last post. And then things got really wild.

We had a huge fire in downtown Leominster, that burned from Saturday evening till midday Sunday. The building was the historic, and beautiful Columbia Building, a former hotel, that took up most of a city block. It was a 6 alarm fire, that left  about 35 people homeless. Nine or so businesses that had been located on the first floor are looking to relocate. Two firefighters were hurt when the back wall collapsed. They were treated and released from the hospital.

The Leominster Art Center that I volunteer at was in that building. At first we were told we would be escorted in to retrieve what we could, but an inspection showed that it wasn't safe. Instead, a couple firemen and the Mayor went in and got some things out. Yesterday afternoon, I helped sort some of what was taken out. It was so sad to see all that art work destroyed. The artists have given up on most of it, and are just hoping to salvage frames. Amazingly, it looked like most of the glassblowers items survived.

I'm not sure what happens next for the Art Center. What is left of the building will be demolished, and the priority is finding homes for the tenants. It is a real blessing, something to be truly thankful for, that no lives were lost.

Today's collage was inspired by the fire, and the efforts of the tenants to start over, with the assistance of our community.


Crafty Green Poet said...

what a horrible fire! Glad no-one died. I'm glad you were able to save some of the artworks and good luck with finding a new home for the art centre.

I like your collage, the fiery phoenix is a lovely symbol of hope

brandi said...

Ditto CGP comment! Thank God the firemen (so brave, no wonder little boys want to be firemen (in a long list of heroic jobs) when they grow up. Hooray for the mayor! Love small towns. Art comes from the heart, and it seems like your town has lots of heart! Can't wait to see the outcome of the Phoenix!
Beautiful collage!

speedyrabbit said...

a beautiful piece,full of hope for those tenants and the Art center!Amazing that no one was killed or seriously injured,xx Rachel and Speedy

Jade said...

Oh dear--I'd heard about a big fire in Springfield, but not the one in Leominster. So sad to hear of the damage, but so very happy that no one was killed or badly injured. The phoenix is a personal symbol for me (I have one tattooed on my back) and so very appropriate for the situation--out of the ashes will rise great beauty born of inspiration. Art never dies, it just changes form and moves on.

Brian Miller said...

ah i hope there is a bit of a phoenix affect...sad to see old buildings burn up...and all the lost art would make me mourn....

Michelle May said...

That is just so sad. I love your collage in tribute.

bunnits said...

Since I've been off the grid, I've missed all this. I'm glad to know that no one was injured, but sad at the loss of all that work. I like the collage you did and hope that like the phoenix, the Art Center will rise from the ashes.